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Meet The Leadership Team

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Howard Winters
President/  Founding Member


Deborah Winters
Vice President/ Member

Mr. Winters is a Founding Member and President of Worthy Ambition LLC based in Huntington, WV. He has more than 35 years of experience in operations and project management; estimating and bidding; contract management (including Design-Build, PPP, IPD, private, and public delivery models); business unit development and leadership; strategic planning and organizational development in a variety of Public and Private Development and Infrastructure Projects throughout the Eastern United States.  Contact Howard today at 304-307-3077 x 1 or by email at

Ms. Winters is a big-picture visionary with an eye for detail. Twenty-five years of real estate sales, brokerage management and marketing experience have provided significant experience in communicating with a diverse population of people. Her role as pastor of a local church, and the demographics and needs of the recovery community, have allowed her to speak publicly in a variety of situations and venues. She is a professional, solution-oriented team manager with a track record for growing and improving existing situations.

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Craig Coster
Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development, Craig connects the resources with the needs of the community.  His connection extend to other organizations as well as customers with whom we partner.  Internally, he works with the members of the WA Team to identify their skills and impowers them to connect with potential customers within the community.  His responsibilities are both inside-out and outside-in as Worthy Ambition grows and reaches more people in our region.  Contact Craig today at 304-307-3077 x 3 or by email at


Mr. Racey is Founder/Owner and Principal of Racey Engineering, PLLC, in Luray, Virginia. He has more than 31 years of experience in public outreach, project coordination and programming, preliminary engineering, design and construction management functions on Public and Private Development and Infrastructure Projects

Mr. Jones founded the Maverick Group of companies in 1998 and brings more than 30 years of disaster and emergency response, federal contract management, and marketing experience.


Howard, Deb, and Craig provide organizational and operational leadership to Worthy Ambition.  As business opportunities and collaborative relationships are presented, these three provide on-going guidance that helps this organizational web to make sure that the company does not experience mission drift.  In addition to these three, WA is also blessed by long-time industry leaders who serve as Worthy Advisors.  

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Mr. Pinyot has worked for more than 40 years in planning and executing organizational growth and corporate restructuring for a wide variety of clients and employers, with a focus on the heavy construction, water/waste-water, transportation, industrial, energy and geotechnical space.

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