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Our Story

Worthy Ambition:  A Company Which Prioritizes People as the Foundation to Success and Profitibality 

Worthy Ambition launched in February 2020, with a vision and purpose to help people in our community overcome barriers to entry into the marketplace. Our experiences within the local recovery community motivated us to find a way to help people take the next step as they moved into a life post-recovery and free from active addiction. What we discovered was that there are many other obstacles and life challenges that limit employment opportunities and so our mission is to help people with any and all obstacles. We believe that, with God’s help, obstacles can launch opportunities! Worthy Ambition began networking with other individuals within the community, seeking to build a web of related services and entrepreneurial ventures. We help with the next step toward building that new life -- sustainable employment. Worthy Ambition is a Christian faith-based venture that prioritizes people as the foundation to success and profitability. Our approach is what some call an asset-based missiology: we build our Ventures around the talents, skills, and motivators of our people. Our goal is to operate in the marketplace as servants of Jesus, to do our part, to bring Kingdom Changes to our community. Worthy Ambition strives to provide business coaching and strategic planning to develop intrapreneurs for our Ventures. Our development (discipleship) model looks to follow Jesus teachings. Additionally we find great value and wisdom from the First Church accounts and interaction in the marketplace found in the book of Acts. That development model is wrapped up in our mission statement: IDENTIFY a person’s natural skills and motivators, INVEST time and energy in building that person's capability and capacity, and IMPOWER them to pursue a productive life through the blessing of meaningful work.

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